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    Valentine’s Day is approaching and nothing says “I love you” better than a gift made with your own hands. This Valentine’s Day, why not take a break from the usual boxed chocolates and greeting cards? Instead, get your craft on and let your creativity take flight.

    In this collection, I’ve put together 20 beautiful and creative do-it-yourself crafts that will show your loved one how much you care. Here, you’ll see up-cycled jars, paper fortune cookies and other goodies to help you get to the heart of it. Boot Cut gaps diysa arenata tricks diphphikalta rekuire non bit of your time. Special Person In Your Life bitha of other tricks to surprise the gaps lobheli kriyatiyanasa.


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    Valentine Heart Jars

    You can turn your old mason jars into romantic V-Day vases for flowers. Just a little bit of paint and decorating makes all the difference.

    Cherry Jam Heart Pie Pops

    Nothing says love like food. If you’re someone who loves to bake, why not treat your love with these mini cherry jam heart pies?

    Rustic Valentine’s Love Banner

    The best part about this tutorial is that you don’t need to sew. All it takes is some perserverance and glue.

    Matchbox Valentine with Duct Tape

    If you’re on a budget, here’s one way to get creative. Using tape you can decorate matchboxes and fill them with candy for your perfect match.

    Valentine’s Day Macaron Gift Box

    This is a handy tutorial for creating an awesome gift box for macarons (a delicious treat). If macarons aren’t your thing though, you can always use this gift box for something else.

    Valentine’s Sewn Paper Garland

    Decorations can help set the mood for an occassion. This paper heart garland is pretty easy to make and it will go with any sort of interior.

    Paper Fortune Cookies

    Why not take your fortune into your own hands on the 14th of February? Create some paper fortune cookies and write your own predictions for you and your loved one.

    Pallet Art and Doily Mantel

    For the crafty environmentalist, this pallet art tutorial can help you tell someone special how you feel about them. It also makes a great decor for your home later on too.

    Yarn Wrapped bottles

    These yarn bottles are suitable not just on Valentine’s Day but for weddings as well as they can lend a romantic feel to your surroundings. You can always get creative and put some paper flowers in them as a refreshing present.

    Burlap Gift bags

    This quick and easy craft project showcases how to create some adorable gift bags. You can fill these up with all sorts of things which makes them quite versatile.

    Pom Pom Bouquet

    Pom poms are not just for cheerleaders. Here, you can create an everlasting bouquet for Valentine’s Day. A lovely little alternative to live flowers.

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