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    Megan Prance (President of Wolston & Centenary Catchments Inc and Co-author of “A Little Field Guide to West Brisbane Fungi”) visited the Charles and Motee Rogers Bushland Reserve after recent rain on 13th April 2015. Megan discovered a wide variety of fungi species within the bushland reserve during her visit and has kindly shared some of her photographs along with fungi identifications. Megan tells me that most of the varieties that she saw during her visit would most likely also occur within the local Toowoomba region.

    17 is Austroboletus lacunosus

    11 is a Bolete,

    23 is Amanita


    7 is Scleroderma

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    We are very grateful for Megan’s expertise and for sharing her images with us. Megan has kindly forwarded me a pdf copy of her fungi publication. Anyone interested in reciving an email copy can contact the Friends of Rogers Reserve Group.

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