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    Posted By: Shopprice New Zealand

    I love the colour green – to me it feels so vibrant, fresh and energising!

    From a meaning of colour perspective, green is the colour of nature symbolising growth, harmoy and renewal.

    From a colour psychology perspective, green is apparently creates an equilibrium between the head and the heart.

    That all sounds cool hey? Perhaps that’s why a walk in the great outdoors, surrounded by green and with our dog, makes us feel so good!

    (If you’re not yet familiar with the Dog Photo Challenges, there’s some info at the bottom of the post).


    This Week’s Theme: GREEN!

    This is the week to show off your ‘GREEN’ dog photos – perhaps its your favourite spot to head out for an off-the-beaten track adventure or a great big open grassy area that you play in.  Perhaps your best buddy loves to play with a green frisbee or they have a cute green bow tie or jacket!  Any photo that incorporates green is welcome in this challenge and, of course, you’re welcome to apply the theme creatively (green thumb, going green, green with envy – that list could go on!). Don’t forget to include a comment if its not so obvious as to how your photo fits the theme.

    We can’t wait to check out all your ‘Green’ photos.

    Some ‘GREEN’ Inspiration

    Some adorable ‘GREEN’ dog photo inspiration for you!  In these photos we have:

    Top: Keiko the Japanese Spitz in a field of long green grass.

    Middle: Labrador Puppy Charlie (his dad’s favourite colour is green!), Bella the Great Dane puppy with a cute green christmas hat prop!

    Border Collie puppy Summer, sitting all pretty on her green chair.

    Bottom: Working Dogs Flash and Pippa in outdoors green environments.







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