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    Travel Place: 5 Best stunning cruises from around the world


    Posted By:Shopprice New Zealand Considering a cruise vacation, but don't know where to start? These five cruise holidays cater to a variety of tastes and budgets. European Riverboat Cruise If you want a relaxed small (182-person) cruise that allows you to visit multiple European cities. Image c

    Travel Place: 5 ideas for your next weekend road trip


    Posted By: Shopprice New Zealand You’ve got a weekend and a car, and you’re dying to get away from the city or humdrum daily life. Luckily, vacays don’t have to be long or expensive to make them count. We’ve made five weekend road-trip itineraries with starting points across Canada, so clear you

    TRAVEL: Hamilton and Waikato: Underground rock stars


    Posted By: Shopprice New Zealand There's a dark reality behind the bright, pretty lights of glow-worms in the Waikato, learns Jane Jeffries. Visitors to the Waitomo Caves take in the spectacular glow-worm show. Deep beneath the Earth's surface, the damp and musty smell of the Waitomo Caves is soon for

    Travel Canada: Winter vacations


    Posted By: Shopprice New Zealand Who says skiers and snowboarders should have all the fun? There are plenty of ways to enjoy winter, even if you aren't hitting the slopes. Here are six vacations in Canada that will make blizzard season a blast. It may seem like a love of winter is reserve

    TRAVEL: Eli Orzessek: Is travel wasted on babies?


    Posted By: Shopprice New Zealand Why do parents insist on taking their infants on holiday, asks Eli Orzessek. Eli Orzessek as a baby with his mother Anna. Photo / Dieter Orzessek A few weeks ago, I was telling my parents about my upcoming trip to the South Island. "I've never been to the West Coast,

    TRAVEL: Nicaragua: Tiny island, big heart


    Posted By: Shopprice New Zealand Kim McFadden laps it up on Nicaragua's Little Corn Island, where the tropical waters are a diver's delight. Little Corn Island epitomises a tropical paradise. Photo / Getty Images Coconut palm-fringed, white-sand beaches - tick. A bucketload of Creole culture - tick. W

    Travel Place: Trek thrills


    Shopprice New Zealand For first timers and seasoned trekkers, Karnataka has a number of trekking trails to choose from. It is equally important to take permission and ensure safety. Even though trekking in the Himalayas is much sought after, Karnataka has some breathtakingly beautiful trekking

    Over 137 Million Foreign Tourists Expected to Visit China


    Posted By: Shopprice New Zealand BEIJING: Over 137 million foreign tourists will visit China in 2016, a jump of 2.5 percent from the previous year, authorities said on Monday. This would be the second year of growth in inbound tourism after the country saw years of decline in foreign tourists since 201

    South African-inspired treehouse pops up in London


    Posted By: Shopprice New Zealand A South African-inspired treehouse has popped up on London's Southbank to promote travel to South Africa. The 35 foot high luxury treehouse, which will remain in place for one week, was inspired by the Lion Sands Game Reserve treehouse accommodation in South Afric

    Baby travel items we travel with (and you should too)


    Posted By: Shopprice New Zealand Traveling with a baby is drastically different than traveling solo or as a couple. Shocking news, I know. I vividly remember the first trip we took with our son Braydon (you can read about it here). Aside from the usual pre-trip jitters that most new mothers ex