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    Christmas Hampers Corporate


    Posted By:  Shopprice New Zealand   Looking for slightly various Christmas gifts this year? Choosing a hamper as a corporate gift will wow your recipients. Shopprice corporate Christmas hampers are brimming with superb artisan food that just begs to be devoured. Our experienced team select on

    21 Gifts Your Girlfriend Actually Wants for Her 21st Birthday


    Posted By:  Shopprice New Zealand   You’ve searched high and low, sneakily dropped hints and even resorted to asking her friends, but you still haven’t found your girlfriend a perfect 10 st birthday present. If you’re stuck in a cliche rut of roses, chocolates and teddy bears (which are g



    Posted By: Shopprice New Zealand With Mother’s Day just around the corner, chances are you’re wracking your brain for something special to give yo mamma. As you can probably guess, I’m all about simple gifts that have loads of wow factor – bang for buck as such. And what’s easier, and more exc

    Fathers Day Gifts For Dad


    Posted By: Shopprice New Zealand   Father’s Day is the day to recognize, honor and celebrate the sacrifices and accomplishments of our fathers. Children celebrate their fathers and father figures to show their love and appreciation. More recently, Father’s Day has been used to educate the popu

    The Best Ways To Say ‘I’m Sorry’


    Posted By: Shopprice New Zealand Sometimes it takes more than simply saying you’re sorry. When you need to go that extra mile for forgiveness, it can be tricky to work out what the best thing to do would be. Always remember that actions speak louder than words. Here are a few suggestions for how to ma

    Gifts For Your Girlfriend


    Posted By: Shopprice New Zealand Deciding what gift to buy for your girlfriend can be a tremendously stressful decision, regardless of how well you know her or how long you have been dating. You can easily spend a fortune on jewellery or perfume, only for it to be thrown in your face in a fit of rage as