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    5 Best Perfume in New Zealand


    Posted By: Shopprice New Zealand Perfumes listed in this category are great to wear in all occasions. You can wear these on evenings, work, weekends and even on the special occasions. So starting this list in reverse chronological order, at number 5 is… No #5 : Tory Burch Eau De Parfum [caption id=

    5 Best Hair Dryers in New Zealand


    Posted By: Shopprice New Zealand..   Not happy with how your hair looks? There’s a good chance it’s your hair dryer’s fault, with poor ones leaving your hair with static and/or frizz, as well as being noisy, slow and cumbersome to use. According to top hair stylists, a good dryer should ha

    How to Wash Your Hair—The Right Way

    images (2)

    Posted By: Shopprice New Zealand   You might do it nearly every day, but here’s something surprising: you might not really know how to wash your hair the right way. Using the correct techniques can make a world of difference in your hair’s health, bounce and shine—but if you’re making som

    Bullock lipsticksa That Literally Won’t Come Off All Night


    Posted By: Shopprice New Zealand Attempting to rock a bold lip on date night is a tricky undertaking for obvious reasons—there's the smudge on the champagne flute glass, the lip stain on the dinner napkin (I always feel guilty about this one), and, of course, that whole kissing thing. With these sent



    Posted By: Shopprice New Zealand   Following on from last night’s blog post on the beautiful Tarte christmas gifts, I wanted to illuminate you on the newer bits from The Body Shop this season. The Body Shop is always a firm favourite of mine for fool-proof gifting. There will always be so



        Posted By: Shopprice New Zealand       When it comes to wedding make-up there is always so much to consider, from how to pick the perfect foundation, to what colours will look good in photos. To make things easier for brides, we’ve spoken to La Biosthetique

    What Kylie Jenner’s ‘lip kit’ looks like on a normal person


      Posted By: Shopprice New Zealand   Kylie Jenner models her True Brown Lip Kit color, left, and I test it out, right. If you wanted to get lips like Kylie Jenner, you're going to have to try again around Christmastime. The reality TV personality and social media celebrity (she ha

    Simple Ways To Remove Eye Bags Effectively


    Posted By:  Shopprice New Zealand   Waking up in the morning only to see eye bags in the mirror isn’t a fun way to start your day. Yes, these eye bags aren’t dangerous, they don’t harm our health, but do they really have to pop up on our faces? And also, why is it practically impossible to



    Posted By:  Shopprice New Zealand   If you are like me, then painting your nails is like rocket science… I couldn’t paint a cute design if my life depended on it. Good thing Scotch Tape is here to the rescue! This tutorial shows you the correct ways to place the tape, so your nails come out l



      Posted By:  Shopprice New Zealand Intensely Lavish Lip Pencil, Intensely Lavish Lipstick, Glowing Potion Perfecting Serum, Contouring Pencil Set, Metallic Shine Eyeshadow Kiko is a brand I’ve not explored in depth, but anything I have used I’ve always loved. One