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    Perfumes listed in this category are great to wear in all occasions. You can wear these on evenings, work, weekends and even on the special occasions. So starting this list in reverse chronological order, at number 5 is…

    No #5 : Tory Burch Eau De Parfum


    Shopprice New Zealand


    On a par with her all other perfumed beauty care products and make-up collections, Tory Burch’s very first perfume spray has also yielded a smashing success in the market. It’s an addictive blend of feminine floral with a hint of tomboy citrus. It’s no surprise, Everything that comes from the hands of Tory Burch have landed into the top spots in almost all the lists throughout the web. This perfume comes in a very beautiful glass design with an eye-catching fretwork on top.

    This youthful, feminine fragrance smells clean, classy and fresh. So if you feel proud to be a girly girl and thinking over whether or not giving your hands on this perfume, I would suggest you to give it a try.It’s needless to say, having a spot on the best perfumes for women list, it can be worn in all seasons by all age groups.




    No #4 : Victoria’s Secret Bomb Shell 


    Shopprice New Zealand

    The dashing models, appearing on the ad campaigns are not the only reasons behind the massive success of Victoria’s Secret Bombshell. It’s about the uniqueness and the magical aroma inbounding with the scent. This most refreshing scent is young and modern and it’s a best companion for every woman with attitude. When every time you wear this sweet floral fruity scent, you can’t stop people enquiring you about the perfume you wear.




    No # 3 : Chanel Allure EDP Spray



    Shopprice New Zealand

    It’s impossible to go wrong with Chanel. No, not even once. As with all other channel creations, this “Allure” EDP also exhibits its own sophistication. It’s clean and sheer, sexy and cozy all at once. It’s heavy but not so offensive. Although this delicious scent seems to break your wallet  a bit, taking a sniff on this spray would suffice to compromise your dilemma.

    When it comes to the lasting power, you can smell this sickly sweet scent even into the next day. So no wonder why allure always secures the top most rating in all the reviews across the internet.




    No #2: Lovely from Sarah Jessica Parker


    Shopprice New Zealand

    If you are looking for a good perfume yet on a budget, then check this out. It offers a tranquil and fresh feel. This sweet fragrance is enriched with scents of orchid, mandarin, lavender and bergamot. Upon wearing this perfume, you can’t resist yourself from falling into a feel of divine. “Lovely” is becoming one of the top most favorite perfumes of almost all the women in the world.




    No # 1: Best Perfume For Women – Can Can by Paris Hilton


    Shopprice New Zealand

    “Can Can” from Paris Hilton tops my list of best perfumes for women. Since “Paris Hilton” is a renowned brand, I don’t think you need a detailed introduction. It falls under “floral fruity” scent family. This delicious fragrance is sensual yet playful. Projection and longevity are 2 significant things everyone adore about this eau de parfum. It is recommended either as a daily wear or as evening wear.




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